• 17th International İstanbul Furniture Fair
  • 26-31 January 2021
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Be a part of one of the most comprehensive furniture exhibition in the world

Turkey offers a significant and comprehensive trade market to the key players in the furniture industry.


Buyer delegations, visitors and VIP delegations from 120 countries, including Italy, Germany. Austria, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Irag, Kuwait, Çatar and the UAE will come together with the IMOB B2B Matchmaking Program. Over 300 companies from the Gulf States, North Africa, and Furope are expected to meet with the furniture manufacturers of Turkey in the exclusive B2B area at the trade fair.


Turkish Furniture Industry


In 2018, furniture import with a value of about 817 million dollars was made from 114 countries, with luxury and designer furniture sales increasing significantly. 6-month data for 2018 shows the probability that 2019 import may give a similar result at the end-of-year values as the year of 2018 import value. It is remarkable that approximately 9590 of the import is made up from the first 25 countries. The first 5 countries in 2018 have become Italy, Germany, China, Poland and Spain respectively.


By participating in IMOB, you can access this powerful market of 900 million people in the Eurasia region, introduce your products to professional buyers from all around the world and boost your trade volume.