• 17th International İstanbul Furniture Fair
  • 26-31 January 2021
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The first artificial intelligence aided exhibition opened

When it is considered merely as a furniture exhibition, CNR IMOB, featured as the largest exhibition in the home furniture field worldwide for the square meter area as well as the number of exhibitors and visitors, has opened its doors to exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Implementing the artificial intelligence aided Data Management System for the first time, the exhibition aims to have a trade volume exceeding 2 billion dollars via B2B meetings. It is expected more than 150 thousand domestic and foreign industry professionals, as well as the buyer delegation program of over 1000 international industry professionals, will visit the exhibition. 
Organized by CNR Holding subsidiary, Istanbul Trade Fairs, with the cooperation of MOSFED (Turkish Furniture Industrialists Federation) and the support of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization), CNR IMOB International Istanbul Furniture Fair opened its doors at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center. Hosted by CNR Holding Chairwoman, Ceyda Erem and MOSFED Chairman, Ahmet Güleç, the exhibition gathered industry professionals this year for the 16th time. The Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance, Dr.Nureddin Nebati; DEİK Chairman, Nail Olpak; TİM President, İsmail Gülle; and İTO Chairman Şekip Avdagiç, attended the official opening ceremony of the exhibition. Displaying thousands of products of more than 750 companies from 40 countries, the exhibition welcomes over 150 thousand visitors, 50 thousand of whom are foreigners, in 6 days. Organized on the 160 thousand square meter area, the exhibition aims to leave a mark in 2020 with its business volume to exceed 2 billion dollars. 
The exhibition that outgrows the halls and overflows into tents 
The Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance, Dr. Nureddin Nebati, who gave a speech at the opening ceremony, addressed the last year’s CNR IMOB and stated, “All the halls of CNR IMOB were full in 2019. This year, the halls outgrew and overflew into outside. We are at an exhibition where the halls outgrow and overflow into tents and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors. We are so happy for those performing this event.” Discussing the development process of the furniture industry export, the Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance, Dr. Nureddin Nebati said, “While the export rate was 345 million dollars 17 years ago, it reached 3.5 billion dollars last year. The target is 4.5 billion dollars this year. We can raise this number to 10 billion dollars in 2023 with our government’s support.” Emphasizing that classical and modern furniture also coexists at the exhibition, Mr. Nebati added, “Turkey has a connection in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the East. Being located in the center enables to reach the country targets easily, which results in growth in both industries and country economy. ”Expressing that the number of exporters is around 9500, Mr. Nebati said that the increase of this number day by day provides satisfaction. 
Artificial intelligence is now actively used!
Having set up the BIA (Business Intelligence Agency) big data management system in 2017, CNR Holding is carrying this system to a higher level starting from this year. The artificial intelligence aided “Data Management System” is a product of a meticulous, 2-year work. The Data Management System, which works through the analysis of the data of 30 million exhibitors and visitors, was initiated at the world’s largest furniture exhibition, CNR IMOB, for the first time. CNR Holding will implement this model, which the leading companies in the world have been using, at all of its exhibitions starting from the second half of 2020. With the aim of boosting the efficiency of the exhibitions for both exhibitors and visitors and providing a sustainable communication, CNR Holding aims to enable the global economy to create a glocal competition environment in the changing world via innovations.