• 17th International İstanbul Furniture Fair
  • 26-31 January 2021
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CNR IMOB hosted the furniture industry in İstanbul

MOSFED Furniture Association Federation President Ahmet Güleç stated, "Our industry definitely achieved a large part of our 4 billion dollar target for 2019 at CNR IMOB.”


15th CNR IMOB Internatiınal Istanbul Furniture Fair united the industry.



As per the statement made by MOSFED, the exhibition, which was organized for the 15th time this year, was visited by the Deputy Minister Nureddin Nebati from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.


MOSFED President Ahmet Güleç commented on the exhibition, saying that CNR IMOB “is showcasing Turkey's furniture industry to the world.”


Güleç said, "Today, the industry has broken a new record by reaching an export volume of 3 billion 134 million dollars, exporting to 179 countries which makes us the most extensive industry. We’re proud of this success. We will easily reach our 4 billion dollar target by 2019.”


Güleç stated that they have achieved a great part of their 4 billion dollar goal at CNR IMOB, pointing out that MOSFED believes the VAT on furniture materials should be permanent.


Güleç said, "We have shared the details with the Deputy Minister. If we accomplish this, we will become one of the top 5 countries with the biggest export volume, and at least 20 thousand manufacturers out of 40 thousand will become active exporters. This is why I want to emphasize that it’s extremely important for the government to make the VAT reduction permanent.”