• 17th International İstanbul Furniture Fair
  • 26-31 January 2021
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Furniture exhibition drew great attention

CNR IMOB - International Istanbul Furniture Exhibition, the world's largest furniture trade fair, opened its doors. With a record attendance this year, the exhibition, which will host more than 120 thousand visitors and more than one thousand companies, will make a significant contribution to the export target of 5 billion dollars. Stating that there was massive participation in the exhibition and that 500 companies had to line up on the waiting list, Ali Bulut, CEO of CNR Holding, said, "If we could have responded to the demand of the companies waiting in line, the participation figures would have been at least 50 percent higher."
Organized by CNR Holding subsidiary, İstanbul Trade Fairs in cooperation with the Federation of Turkish Furniture Industrialists Associations (MOSFED), CNR IMOB opened its doors for the 15th time at CNR Expo Yeşilköy. A total of 120 thousand people of which 41 thousand are foreigners will visit the exhibition. Due to the overwhelming interest of more than 1000 companies, the exhibition area has been increased to 150 thousand square meters and 2 billion dollars trade volume is expected. In addition, the exhibition is hosting Turkey's most comprehensive procurement committee organization. More than 550 foreign company representatives with high purchasing power participated in the B2B Matchmaking Program.
Indicating that there had been a false impression that the world's largest furniture exhibition was organized in Italy, Ali Bulut, CEO of CNR Holding said, "If we only calculate the overall volume, this can be considered correct. However, when we evaluate it as an exhibition for furniture alone, CNR IMOB Exhibition is the largest in the world regarding the size of the area, the number of exhibitors and visitors. The competitor exhibition is not merely a furniture exhibition but also hosts ceramics and accessories." 
Stating that visitors and VIP procurement committees from 110 countries representing both the leading markets of furniture industry such as Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as the target markets for the industry such as Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, India, and the United Arab Emirates will be hosted in the exhibition, Ali Bulut  added: 
500 Companies Lined up on the Waiting List
"We have implemented the Global Market Intelligence System with the support of CNR Holding International Business Development Department and invested eleven million dollars. With this system, furniture buyers from all over the world are invited to the exhibition and based on their needs, meetings with the Turkish furniture manufacturers are arranged. Thanks to the system, we brought major buyers who have not yet entered the Turkey market. More than 1000 companies participated in the exhibition where 500 companies had to line up on the waiting list. If we could have responded to the demand of the companies waiting in line, the participation figures would have been at least 50 percent higher. In addition, with the contribution of the BIA (Business Intelligence Agency) system, at least a 50 percent increase in foreign buyer ratio will be achieved this year."
Speaking at the opening of the exhibition and making statements about the VAT rates in the furniture industry, İsmail Gülle, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), said, “I wish a successful exhibition for our industry. We give our full support to the furniture industry with the VAT cuts. We aim to reach the export figures our President expects from us. Our exports should match the investments and efforts. We export value-added products. With the success of the furniture industry in Libya, we achieved a significant increase in exports. As TİM, we announced the road map for 2019 exports for the first time and explained market share and turnover figures for our products; a market share of  2.8 trillion dollars for 200 products calculated for each product separately. We will continue to analyze and gather data for every country. As TİM, we stand by our industries. Our 15th exhibition will be very successful."
Şekib Avdagiç, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), said, "We are opening the exhibition for the 15th time, and the sustainability is a significant indicator of success. Furniture does not only mean production; it is a combination of artisanship with production. Turkey also shows its progress in design and artistic production. We are one of the countries that shape the furniture industry. Each year the figures should increase by a billion. The foreign trade target of 182 billion dollars has been increased to 200 billion dollars with the request of our President this year. There is excellent infrastructure in the industry. We follow the furniture industry closely and try to solve the problems. The VAT reduction from 18 percent to 8 percent is a significant example of our effort. We have also requested this rate to become permanent. There are two brands in Istanbul where the domestic companies unite under one roof: Modako and Masko which are the driving forces of the industry.  The furniture industry collaborates with many sectors. There are also a significant number of domestic and international participants in this exhibition and productive B2B meetings."
Emphasizing that CNR IMOB exhibition is the mirror of the furniture industry, Ahmet Güleç, President of the Federation of Turkish Furniture Industrialists Associations (MOSFED), said, "This exhibition is showcasing Turkey's furniture industry to the world. Our exhibition, which has opened its doors for the 15th time, is the mirror of our industry. Turkey's furniture industry is making a name for itself in the world in branding. In 2000, we realized 180 million dollars in exports, but now it has increased to 3 billion 134 million dollars. We export furniture to 179 countries worldwide. The stable political structure under the leadership of our President and the hard work of our colleagues are the driving forces behind this success. Furniture manufacturing is vital for Turkey because we can manufacture furniture in every corner of our country. We provide employment. We cooperate with all manufacturing sectors and act as the locomotive behind about 20 of them. Our industry which is local and national sees a foreign trade surplus every year. Furniture is a life story. As our exports grow, the Turkish culture is recognized further. We pave the way for other Turkish products to enter these markets, we are the raider troops. Turkey is the 13th largest furniture manufacturer in the world. Our industry is the closest to reach 2023 goals. VAT reduction helps develop the furniture industry. Furniture industry sees a vast expansion when the VAT is 8 percent which also creates more employment. We target 500 billion dollars exports every year. We want to have a 2.5 percent share in the world markets by 2023. We demand that the VAT on furniture raw materials remain at 8 percent."