• 17th International İstanbul Furniture Fair
  • 26-31 January 2021
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CNR IMOB will boost export volume!

MOSFED President, Ahmet Güleç stated, "The Turkish furniture industry, which was once the 23rd in the export rankings, has risen to 12th place with the contribution of CNR IMOB.”


In his speech, MOSFED President, Ahmet Güleç said, "In 2019, the furniture industry was seeing foreign trade deficit with 180 billion dollars exports against 260 billion imports; in 2019, however, it has come to 3 billion 134 million dollars exports and 800 million dollars imports. The contribution of CNR IMOB in seeing these results is tremendous. The Turkish furniture industry, which was once the 23rd in the export rankings, has risen to 12th place. The exhibition is vital for the exports of our industry since sales are not made through internet orders. Our customers want to see the products thus trade fairs have significant importance specifically for our industry."


"We expect a significant increase in our exports with CNR IMOB"


Referring to the importance of VAT reduction in the furniture industry, Güleç said, "Our sales have increased by 35 percent due to the VAT discount applied through February 2 to September 30, 2017. Although the VAT discount was applicable only in November and December last year, our sales have increased by 30 percent compensating the stagnation experienced in the first ten months. We want 8 percent VAT to be permanent for a certain period to avoid unfair competition and unrecorded activity as well as to increase exports. Depending on the VAT cuts, we expect a 30 percent increase in our sales in the first quarter of this year. As it is the case every year, CNR IMOB will have a significant effect to increase our net export rates." Referring to the fact that 80 percent of the raw materials used in the furniture industry was domestic, Güleç added, "Our indirect employment exceeded 500 thousand. We can provide an additional 100 thousand jobs in 2019 with the continued reduction in VAT which will lead to a lively domestic demand. We are the primary customer of many manufacturing sectors including machinery, glass, chemicals, wood, and forestry. Revitalization in the furniture industry will ensure vitality in these sectors as well."