• 17th International İstanbul Furniture Fair
  • 26-31 January 2021
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Companies are on the waiting list for CNR IMOB

CNR Holding Chairwoman, Ceyda Erem pointed out that 500 companies were waiting to join CNR IMOB Furniture Fair, which is the largest furniture fair in the world in terms of exhibitors and buyers.


Istanbul International Furniture Exhibition - CNR IMOB will take place at CNR Expo Yeşilköy on January 22-27 with the participation of more than 1,000 companies. CNR Holding brought a total of 18 furniture exhibitions to life since 2002. The meeting held prior to CNR IMOB, which is organized with the collaboration of CNR Holding and MOSFED, saw the attendance of CNR Holding Chairwoman, Ceyda Erem and MOSFED Chairman, Ahmet Güleç.


”More than 500 furniture companies are on the waiting list."


In the meeting where the exhibition and furniture industries were evaluated, CNR Holding Chairwoman, Ceyda Erem draw attention to the fact that CNR IMOB was the biggest furniture exhibition in the world. She added, "We pioneered the establishment of the Turkish Furniture Manufacturers Association (MOSDER) in 2005, and since then we have been proceeding jointly to develop our exhibition further. We have increased our exhibition area to sixty thousand square meters. Following our cooperation with the Federation of Turkish Furniture Industrialists Associations (MOSFED), we have increased our exhibition area to 150 thousand square meters. There is a false impression that the world's largest furniture exhibition is organized in Italy. If only the overall volume of the exhibition is calculated, this can be considered correct. However, when we evaluate it as an exhibition for furniture alone, CNR IMOB Exhibition holds the title as the largest in the world regarding the size of the area, the number of exhibitors and visitors.


Malaysia and Romania will have country pavilions in the exhibition where 35 furniture companies from the USA, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Egypt, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Spain will showcase their products. More than 500 furniture companies are on the waiting list. Our exhibition has a potential to expand over 200 thousand square meters. IMOB has become the largest home furniture trade fair in the world thanks to the support of MOSFED President, Ahmet Güleç."


“With the contribution of BIA, the number of foreign visitors at CNR IMOB will increase by 50%.”


Ceyda Erem continued her speech with these words, "The Global Market Intelligence System, BIA,  that we had implemented with an 11 million dollars investment had a massive contribution to CNR IMOB. Our team worked tirelessly and invited important buyers from all over the world. Thanks to the system, 32 thousand people have already got their online tickets from around the world mainly from Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Qatar, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia for this year's exhibition. We have registered their information in our system, and we know their demands very well. We will meet these demands by directing our buyers to the right address. Visitors and VIP procurement committees from 110 countries representing both the leading markets of furniture industry such as Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as the target markets for the industry such as Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, India, and the United Arab Emirates will be hosted at the exhibition. With the contribution of BIA, the number of foreign visitors at CNR IMOB will increase by 50%. We are expecting to host more than 120,000 visitors of whom 41,000 will be foreigners. This immense interest in our exhibition shows that Turkey is a lucrative trade market."