• 17th International İstanbul Furniture Fair
  • 26-31 January 2021
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Innovation from the furniture manufacturers

The Turkish furniture industry plays a big role in drawing attention to our country with its innovative products.

MOSFED Chairman, Ahmet Güleç said that they’ve been working hard to expand the eco-system of the industry, adding “The 90% of our industry consists of SMEs. We make a lot of effort to solve issues and answer all questions related to R&D and design incentives."



“The industry needs to speak the language of the design world with the investments made in R&D and design.”


Güleç said that Turkish office furniture manufacturers have won several “design and R&D awards” with value-added exports, and he also pointed out the expansion of the industry.


Güleç said that in 2017, R&D expenses have increased 67% compared to the year before, adding “Turkish companies need to have a comprehensive discussion on innovation. Only then we can raise the export prices from 3 dollars per kg to 7 dollars.”


Aside from the global manufacturers Poland, Vietnam, Mexico and Romania, countries such as Italy, Germany, USA and Sweden owe their brand recognition to innovation.


“It is clear that the Turkish furniture industry needs to speak the global design language with more investments. We must build an eco-system where all incentives will be used efficiently, especially the R&D and design centers, graduates of vocational high-schools and universities, as well as independent factories. We must also export furniture designs.”